Dog Sitting & Boarding and How to Pick

As a current, or potentially new, dog owner, you may think that having a dog means you can never leave town or enjoy a well-deserved vacation. That is a myth. There many options you can consider to take care of your pet while you’re away.

Dog Boarding
Facilities and businesses that offer dog boarding services are professionals kennels. They look after multiple dogs at a time and offer only the best. Dogs are kept in individual kennels throughout the day with air conditioning, food and water. They are let out multiple times a day to use the bathroom and enjoy some fresh air. A dog boarding service often has day care time. This is a time during day where dogs are outside and together so they can play and spend their energy. A behavioral analysis is conducted prior to establish if your dog will play well with others. This option is great if you have multiple dogs and are looking for professional to look after them.

Personal Pet Sitting
This type of care involves someone that you know and trust to take care for you dog. It is important that you know the person prior to hiring them. You need to make sure they can look after you dog safely so that you can leave town without a worry in mind. There are two forms of personal pet sitting. The first would be to leave you dog at your home and your chosen care taker will come in several times a day. During the visits, your dog will get fed, and taken out for walks or just to play and get some stimulation. This involves a bit of commuting from the care taker and can be a little more costly to you as an owner. The second form of pet sitting is in-house. This means that the care taker you chose will take your dog in his or her own home to watch over for the time that you’re gone. In this case your dog lives in another home while you are away. This kind of pet sitting in beneficial for your dog. He or she can be in constant connection with its care taker and get much more attention. This is also more convenient for you sitter whom can stay at home while still watching over your dog. Your pet may experience a little stress from the change of environment but it would be over within 24 hours.

There are multiple form of pet sitting you can choose from as a dog owner. We recommend the in-home personal care one if you have a single dog. For multiple dogs, a boarder or kennel maybe the best option. Whichever form you choose, make sure you communicate with your care taker to express concerns about them and/or your pet.